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Exciting events coming soon.

KSSD will organize and participate in events to bring its students and members together to connect with other Karate as local and internationally through gradings, seminars and tournaments.


Grading (26.3.2022)

Karate belts are used to indicate when a student has been promoted to the next level. Improved Karate technique and deeper knowledge of the 3 elements of Kihon (basics), Kata (form) and Kumite (sparring) needs to be shown before the next Karate level can be awarded. To advance to a new Karate level, the Karate belt holder takes a formal test called a Karate grading examination. Karate grading examinations for higher ranks include practical, oral and written requirements

Tournaments (Coming soon)

Tournaments are designed to match members from diferent Dojo or styles against one another in Kata and Kumite. Each category is divided by age, rank and gender with potentially diferent rules or standards based on these factors.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp 2020 was launched with thoughtfully designed plans based on karate techniques with each class carefully constructed by an extremely passionate karateka with 25 years of experience, a sports scientist and an early childhood educator. This programme was developed to train kids in coordination, agility, reaction time, balance, speed and power. Summer Camp 2020 is to run over a period of 6 weeks with kids from the ages of 4 to 17.

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