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Meet our instructors.

KSSD team are Karate Black Belts, Sports Scientist and Early Childhood Educator with many years of experience and official qualifications. We use our diversified experience to create training programs which is age appropriate and safe. Our staff has been trained to have positive attitude and professionalism in creating a good relationship with our students.



Head Instructor - Sensei Firdaus

Firdaus is the founder of Kick Start Self Defense and has been training karate
for the last 25 years. Other than Karate, Firdaus is an Australian Master’s Degree
holder and an Entrepreneur. He always reminds his students to always believe
in themselves and be discipline in their effort to achieve their goals.


Assistant Instructor - Senpai Mona

Mona is a 1st Dan ranking in Shitoryu Karate. She has been training
Karate and participating in many tournaments for the past 12 years.


Sport Scientist - Muhamad Darus

Preferred to be called as Mr. Pineapple, Darus involved in teaching and coaching field for more than 7 years with 8 years academic background in Sports Science beforehand.

Early Childhood Educator - Nadhira Fadzli

Nadhira Fadzli did her Early Childhood Degree in University of Southern
Queensland. She has many years of experience teaching kids and toddlers.

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